Asahi Soken, the manufacturer of Instruments for medicine, carbon, powder and granular material industry

ASAHI! Engineering Management

Asahi Soken has established 1985. We have consistently devoted itself to pursuing the Only-One technology in manufacturing.

As the leading brand in the market, our products contribute in all fields such as automobiles, batteries, chemical products, cosmetics, paper, industries.
We are proud that our high technical capabilities and after-sales service, and it leads costomer satisfaction.

As we are committed to seeking higher stage in the future.

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Company Outline


Company name : ASAHI Soken Co., Ltd.
Capital : JPY 10,000,000
Address : 3-13-3 Meike-Shinmei, Chuo-ku, Niigta city 950-0943 JAPAN
Established : April 1st, 1985
CEO : Masaaki Ozawa

What's new

Make a presentation at NiigTa BIZ Expo.
Attend the ASTM D24 committee meeting in Vienna.
Make a presentation at KOREA LAB 2016.
Attend the Carbon black Asia-Pacific International Conference 2015.
Bending strength tester, BST-alpha has been released.